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28 comments on "Welcome to the EDEN Blog"

  1. Julien M. said:

    Do you also fix boxes?

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, of course! We offer the complete rebuilding of your own gearbox with a 1 year warranty. We propose to pick up your gearbox and deliver it back to you once the work is done. You can get more information about our offers and ranges on our website: https: //
      Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any further questions.

  2. Mr Pascal URBAIN said:

    Standard gearbox exchange for Renault Clio Diesel - Very good experience with EDEN BOITES - Very professional and attentive contact person - Delivery on time - Thank you to your team -

  3. Franck Meunier said:

    Very satisfied with the box I ordered, part and delivery.

  4. URBANIAK said:

    Excellent experience with EDEN BOITES for the purchase of a box of a TOYOTA MR-S, an uncommon vehicle and therefore not easy to find! Professionals listening, friendly and full of good advice! An impeccable job! I can only highly recommend the company! Many thanks again to you! And I wish you an excellent continuation !!!


  5. Mr COPPIN Florent said:

    Congratulations for the professionalism of the team EDEN BOITES following the purchase of a box of 4007 whose standard exchange does not exist at PEUGEOT, which allowed us to satisfy our customer. The online purchase is very practical and the follow-up is top. I recommend without hesitation!!!!

  6. Jean-Marie Rota said:

    Alfa Romeo M32 box on 1.9jtdm. Replacement made by myself. Given the consequent work (the lower cradle has to be dismantled), I did not want to take any risk with a broken gearbox, nor replace the defective bearing because it poses a delicate problem of preload adjustment on a couple of tapered bearings. Measuring the play, yes, but how?
    EDEN provided me with a reconditioned box in an almost new condition, working perfectly, as long as it lasts.
    Of course it costs, but what would be the cost of an uncertain repair that might have to be started again? The service is also irreproachable, I appreciated the exchange in two stages: first delivery of the reconditioned box and then recovery of the used box later, EDEN also granted me an extension because I could not return within the time allowed, I had to wait for the availability of a bridge ... and do the job! I strongly advise to put a new clutch as well, if you already have it in front of you.

    1. EDEN said:

      Thank you for your return dear Mr. Rota and have a nice trip!

  7. sachy christine said:

    I am very satisfied: secretariat, with a great reactivity for the technical or administrative questions; respected deadlines, perfect gearbox; congratulations to this company and its team.

  8. SAVIN said:


  9. DRYNESS JEANS said:

    the service of EDEN boite is really top: rapidity of sending the estimate, repair of the box within 10 days and return.
    total efficiency and order tracking: to be recommended to any owner of old vehicles like my old 4×4 mercedes G 250
    thank you again to the whole team for its availability

  10. Zulfic amir said:

    Hello I have a 2010 Audi a1 tfsi box dsg 7 tiptronic that dropped me in my parking lot I live in Etrembieres 74100. it shows me the defect box to help me and how much could it cost me? Sincerely zulfic amir

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, we have this in stock you will get the price list here please: https: //

  11. cedric2482 said:

    Hello, what is the delivery time please? It's already been 5 days, how long can it take to arrive? Thank you

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, please call 04 86 11 93 69 with your order number.

  12. Rodrigue AMILCAR said:

    I have a 2005 toyota avensis, 1.8 cyl 1.8 gearbox (ref 30500-2B860) it slips, skips gears, the reverse gear doesn't engage at times. Default display after diag : P051
    Question 1 : What is the problem? Is it reparable? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Do I have to send you the box? What is the warranty after repair or standard exchange?

    Question 2 : Can we also replace this defective gearbox by the same 5-speed automatic gearbox?
    Thank you .... on hold.
    Best regards.

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, we invite you to make your request here: https: //
      Thank you and see you soon!

  13. majestic3411 said:

    the gearbox I received is as described, no problems, already 600 km
    and nothing to say i am satisfied with my purchase i highly recommend
    my only regret is the delivery time estimated between 3 to 8 working days
    order placed on March 5th received on March 17th
    I'm very pleased with the quality of the product and the service.
    I'm very happy with my purchase.

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello and thank you very much for your feedback! We are delighted that the box gives you complete satisfaction and we wish you good luck! To answer your comment, if the order is placed on March 5th and delivered on March 17th, it makes to the day 8 working days justly 🙂

  14. Patrice MAGNET said:

    Very satisfied with the standard exchange of my Gearbox , the reception is very professional and the various telephone exchanges or emails pleasant (which is rare nowadays) Bravo!

  15. LESENNE Marie-Claude said:

    4 years ago (give or take a few days) the automatic gearbox of my Juke broke down. I contacted Eden Boîtes and placed an order.
    Today I still drive my Juke; the gearbox is regularly checked by the mechanic who made the exchange.
    Nothing has changed, the car is working at its best.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, if one day you need to buy from Eden Boîtes, you can do so in complete confidence, it is a very serious, responsive and professional company.
    Marie-Claude LESENNE

    1. EDEN said:

      Wow, thank you very much for your return dear Mrs Lesenne! I would like to join the whole team in telling you how heartwarming it is to have you back 4 years after the operation! We wish you all the best and remain at your service if you need anything!

  16. LESENNE Marie-Claude said:

    It's quite normal, when everything is going well you have to say it too...
    I hope that this will help other people who hesitate when they don't know the company they are going to (I was in this case 4 years ago) but after having contacted you, everything went as smoothly as possible and as quickly as possible. I will not hesitate to come back to you if I need to.
    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

  17. Come said:

    Perfect, the box works perfectly
    I recommend EDEN box

  18. Sofiane said:

    I bought a rescament box it works great for now so all is well we'll talk in a few years 😉👌
    I highly recommend delivery in the advertised time and take back the old box very fast .
    Thank you EDEN BOITES

  19. IDEAL AUTO said:


    Box ordered and received quickly, efficient service, we recommend.

  20. Nicolas Filleul said:

    Hello, I ordered a gearbox for a 1.6L berlingot about a month ago.
    Very serious company, top customer service and box received quickly.
    I am very happy.
    Simple transaction
    Thanks to EDEN BOÎTE for their professionalism!

  21. thierry.jung6 said:

    standard exchange of the box for a ford fiesta 1.1
    efficiency and flexibility for the delay to return the old box
    thanks to the team

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