About my order

How do I identify my gearbox?

Most of the time, the reference of your Gearbox can be found directly on it, engraved, or written on a label.

But because it is often difficult to access it without removing the whole box, our teams will help you to formally identify the precise reference you need thanks to your registration or car registration.

The simplest thing to do is to fill out a online request for quote on our website.

It's easy, it's free, and you'll be sure to get our best proposal quickly by return mail!

How do I place an order?

Whether you received our quote by e-Mailor that you have identified yourself the model you need on our webshopIf you want to purchase a new gearbox, simply add it to your shopping cart and follow the steps one by one until you complete your purchase.

If you are looking for a second-hand gearbox, the reconditioning of your own gearbox, or the purchase of a model not present on our online shop, all you have to do is ask us by e-Mail or by phone for your order form, which you can immediately fill in and sign online.

Once ordered, you will receive by e-Mail the confirmation of your purchase.

All that remains is to wish you good reception of your gearbox!

How long does my delivery take?

The average delivery time is 3 to 7 working days upon receipt of payment when the box is in stock ready to go at the time of your purchase.

Sometimes your gearbox may need to be made to order, in which case it will take 3 to 5 days longer on average.

As you know, we, like you, are still dependent on transport companies, but we take it to heart that you receive your gearbox as soon as possible, it is in our common interest!

Also, we follow each expedition very closely because we know how urgent it is for you to get back on the road!

What happens after my order?

As soon as your order is received and paid for, we immediately start preparing it.

With the greatest care, the gearbox will be checked and then put in shipping condition (emptied and securely fixed on a pallet) so that the carrier can pick it up and send it to the address you have given us.

The carrier will finally contact you to give you against signature the gearbox, you will take the time in the presence of the driver to check that your order is compliant and in perfect condition, otherwise of course you will notify it on the delivery sheet and contact us as soon as possible.

Don't forget to contact us again within 8 working days so that we can come back to collect the old consigned gearbox!

How long is my box guaranteed?

Because buying a gearbox is an investment, and because mechanics are never risk-free despite all the precautions taken beforehand and the excellent daily maintenance that you bring to your vehicle, we cannot be safe from the unexpected.

That's the only reason there are guarantees, isn't it?

At EDEN BOITESEach product is tested before being put on sale, in order to prevent risks as much as possible. Each product is automatically accompanied by a twelve-month guarantee on the part.

Problem with ordering or after-sales service?

Know it, our after-sales services are treated as a priority for new orders, so that you do not have to suffer from a too long absence of your vehicle:

1 / Contact us with your order reference.

2 / We identify the origin and causes of the breakdown with you or your garage.

3 / We repair your part as soon as possible or send you another one (if defective part).

The after-sales returns are made in accordance with our contractual terms of sale and warranty.

About my payment

What is the price of delivery?

We deliver everywhere in France and in Europe in close relationship with the leaders in European transport, so that you can receive your gearbox in the best possible time and under the best possible conditions.

Delivery options will be updated when you place your order.

Indeed, the round trip fare will be calculated in real time on your basket just before you proceed to payment, and just after you have entered the delivery address of your choice, whether in Metropolitan France, Corsica, Belgium, Luxembourg etc..

As a reminder, the return of the old gearbox (set point) is mandatory, and its housing must be intact. Also, the delivery is made in two steps:

1 / Our carrier delivers our box emptied and fixed on a pallet.

2 / You have 8 working days upon receipt of the new box to give us the green light for the carrier to come back and collect the old returnable box, which will also have to be emptied and fixed on our pallet.

What payment methods can I use?

Several payment methods are available to you at the time of your purchase:

  • You can pay in a 100% secure way by credit card, in 1 time, in 3 times, in 4 times or in 10 times (3 or 4 times within the limit of 6000 euro TTC, 10 times within the limit of 3300 euro TTC, the verification of your identity can be claimed by the banking organization but takes only a few seconds)
  • Use your PayPal account to finalize your transaction
  • Proceed to payment by bank transfer, from account to account, in which case our bank details (RIB) will be communicated to you after the validation of your order.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the gearbox will be given to the carrier only upon receipt of the balance on our bank account, usually the delay is 48 hours.

We don't take checks.

Is the online payment secure?

EDEN BOITES ensures that your payments are fully secure.

We use the SSL encryption protocol, the most widely used protocol in the world (more than 80% of merchant sites use SSL).

It is compatible with almost all browsers and guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided during payment thanks to complex encryption.

The small padlock at the top left of our site address attests to the full security of your online transaction.

How to return the old material (deposit)?

Within the framework of thestandard exchange, each sale is carried out on theexchange of the old material, housing intact.

This deposit must be emptied and securely attached to the pallet on which our box is delivered to you.

Attention, you have contractually 8 working days upon receipt of the new gearbox to give us the green light for the carrier to come back.

All you have to do is contact us, either by e-Mailor by phonewith your order or invoice number so that we can organize the pickup.

Do you take the box back if it's not the right one?

First of all, rest assured, we will NEVER take the risk of removing a box from our workshops until we are absolutely certain that the model is the one for you.

We have many ways to formally identify in advance the exact compatibility of our box with your vehicle.

Of course, should you receive an incompatible model (perhaps your vehicle is a second hand and you were not aware that your box had been modified etc.), we will immediately find a way to provide you with the right model or refund your order.

How do I get my bill?

Your invoice will be automatically sent by e-Mail when your order is validated in PDF format.

If however you have deleted this e-Mail by mistake, you will be able to retrieve it at any time in the "Orders" section of your account:


If you can't remember your password, click on "Forgotten password" and enter the e-mail address you used when you ordered:


Make sure you keep your invoice, it serves as proof of warranty!

About paying in 10 instalments

All about our partner Alma

What are the conditions for paying in instalments on eden-boites.com via our partner Alma?

  • Payment in instalments is eligible for baskets from €100 to €3300.
  • Cards accepted are those issued in France such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Prepaid and virtual cards and systematic authorisation cards are not accepted.
  • In the case of a credit of more than €1000, in accordance with the regulatory framework, Alma activates a verification of the payer's identity document .


I would like to pay in 10 instalments, how can I do this?

On the payment page, select "Pay in 10 instalments with Alma". You will then be redirected to a payment page where you will be asked to enter your bank details as for a standard payment and will be asked to fill in the necessary elements for credit.

In order to meet the compliance rules of this product, Alma relies on open banking to check the creditworthiness level, you will be asked to log in to your banking interface.

This information is not retained, and will only be used to process the payment.

You will get a summary of your upcoming deadlines and then you will receive a summary email with the schedule of your deadlines and a reminder email 3 days before each deadline.


Is paying in 10 instalments with Alma secure?

Alma systematically performs a 3D Secure verification to confirm that you are the owner of the card used. Alma works with Budget Insightwhich is also approved by the ACPR, to access the last 3 months of the client's banking history in a few seconds.


I would like a refund but I paid in instalments with Alma, what should I do?

Alma is our payment partner but cannot have access to our order management. If you wish to cancel your order or obtain a refund, please contact us via info@eden-boites.com.


Do you have any further questions?

Feel free to visit Alma's FAQ (https://support.getalma.eu/hc/fr) or contact them directly at support@getalma.eu.