When to worry about the Mini COOPER gearbox?

Your automatic or manual gearbox of Mini COOPER present any kind of problem? At EDEN BOITESWe have a wide choice of used automatic and manual gearboxes at low prices for your car for all versions: 2003, 2004, 2008, etc... We also offer a standard exchange in case your automatic or manual gearbox breaks or jams. We can also change or recondition your car gearbox in case it fails.

Several cases may show that your car requires a standard exchange, repair or reconditioning of the Gearbox. In particular, it may be that all the gears of your Mini COOPER with gearboxes such as PNA or BHA type with 115 HP, 1.6 of Mini R50 have difficulty to pass or that the oil of your automatic gearbox is black. Specialized in the field, EDEN BOITES guarantees you a quality service in terms of repair and reconditioning of automatic or manual gearboxes in case of problem. We also offer quality products for the Mini COOPER used gearbox at very competitive prices.



The Mini COOPER manual gearbox

To manage engine power and have an unparalleled driving feel, there's nothing like a manual Gearbox . Whether it's the 5-speed models from 2003 or the 6-speed gearboxes from 2004, you can find the right one for your COOPER at EDEN BOITES for a standard exchange. Manual gearboxes offer the advantage of being more economical in terms of energy consumption depending on how the owner manages his driving. Similarly, they are usually equipped with gears that contain no sound problems compared to spur gears characterized by high noise.


mini cooper box


The manual models of Mini COOPER consist of a primary shaft connected to the clutch, a secondary shaft that transmits motion to the wheels, and a third shaft designed to allow the engine and the wheels to rotate at the same speed. At EDEN BOITESYou can get your Gearbox used, like the 5 gears dating from 2003, gearbox Mini COOPER R50, 1.6 and with a power of 115 hp type PNA among others. You can also benefit from its BHA variants dating from 2004, for Mini COOPER R50, 1.6, 16 V, R2 classification, as well as all the other models of the range.

Except for the 2003 Mini R50 and 2004 boxes, EDEN BOITES also markets the 6-speed models for Mini COOPER R56 S 2008 or the ACT type COOPER S 184 HP at very attractive prices.

Over the years, the automatic and manual gearboxes have evolved to give rise to increasingly advanced technological innovations in terms of comfort and power. The brand has since launched the Gearbox model with 7 gears and dual-clutch technology to reduce fuel consumption. You can benefit from this evolution at EDEN BOITES which offers a large stock of car and manual gearboxes at the lowest prices. This brand new gearbox features an engine cut-off system coupling and the gearshift lever has both automatic and manual modes.


mini cooper gearbox


In addition to the 2003, 2004 and 2008 versions, you will also find the sequential gearboxes designed for high-speed racing. Unlike the Mini R50, 1.6 with 115 HP, these models are not equipped with synchronizers. Also, the gear lever is replaced by a selector to move the pinion.

WithEDEN BOITESyou can take advantage of standard exchange, reconditioning as well as repairs for all these models of manual gearboxes with affordable prices.


The Mini COOPER CVT and sequential automatic transmission

In order to benefit from maximum driving comfort, these types of cars can also be equipped with an automatic gearbox. If they do not have a clutch, they are equipped with a torque converter with a high-pressure pump. Compared to the 2003 Mini R50, 2004 or 2008 models, the vehicles therefore do not have a clutch pedal. Similarly, the car gearbox is accompanied by a system of interlocking gears that allows the mission ratio to be determined independently. Depending on the technology used, the automatic gearbox is capable of autonomously defining the level of acceleration, the speed of the car and the engine rotation. It adapts perfectly to the way the driver manages his or her gear ratios and to the road configuration.


mini cvt box


If the COOPER models exist in their Mini R50, 1.6 version with a power of 115 HP, the car gearbox that you can find at EDEN BOITES is one of the versions for Mini COOPER S BVA. It is distinguished in particular by 6 gears, 1.5 to 136 HP. The car versions for a 4-cylinder COOPER S with an ultra-powerful engine are of course also available.

Compared to the manual S 2008, 2004 or R50, 1.6 to 115 hp 2003 models, the autobox gives the driver a feeling of lightness, with much less stress behind the wheel. Shifting from one gear to the next is almost imperceptible and concentration on the road remains optimal. Gear changes are very quick and perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the road surface. On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that the automatic gearbox consumes more fuel than the used manual gearboxes Mini R50, 1.6 to 115 HP. Similarly, its price is relatively higher as is the cost of its repair.

At EDEN BOITESYou can also find other versions of gearboxes, such as the CVT continuously variable transmissions like the Gearbox ZUZ Mini COOPER where the number of gears correlated with the engine gear ratio are progressive. The latter varies according to the engine speed. While this type of gearbox reduces CO2 emissions, its price is relatively higher than that of the 2003, 2004 or S 2008 type manual gearboxes.

Just like the manual models, in the event of a problem with your car gearbox or CVT, you can benefit from the expertise ofEDEN BOITES in terms of standard exchange, repair and reconditioning.


Changing your Mini COOPER gearbox

For manual gearboxes, such as the Mini R50, 1.6 and 115 HP versions, repair often requires specific know-how and techniques that are difficult to carry out oneself. Indeed, it takes at least two people to change your Gearbox in the rules of the art and to know a minimum of notions in mechanics. Similarly, changing Gearbox, especially the 2003, 2004, S 2008 models, but also the car gearbox, requires specific equipment. Thus, it would be preferable to seek the help of a professional in the field to ensure a repair or reconditioning of your Gearbox. Furthermore, in case your car or manual gearbox presents a major failure, it is better to resort to the standard exchange option which is offered at EDEN BOITES at a reduced price. A wide range of second-hand gearboxes perfectly adapted to your COOPER will be offered to you at very low prices.


mini cooper eden boites


After dismantling, it is imperative to clean all parts thoroughly in a petrol bath or a high-pressure machine, whether it is for the 2003, 2004 or S 2008 models. As for the re-installation of a model from a standard second-hand exchange, it is preferable to place a new gasket at the front of the crankcase and on top of the Gearbox , checking all tightness.

As for the automatic gearbox, it is better to call a professional directly because, in the event of a problem, the repair, reconditioning or exchange procedures are much more complicated than for a manual gearbox.


Buy your Mini COOPER gearbox

FromEDEN BOITESyou can get all versions of Gearboxes for your COOPER. Whether you are looking for a 2003 model to Mini R50, 1.6 and 115 HP or a 2004 and S 2008 version etc., you will certainly find the box you need. Indeed, it is necessary to pay a very particular attention to the purchase of a Gearbox of occasion, it is essential not to leave anything at random.

At EDEN BOITES, we offer you quality services thanks to the expertise of our team of professionals in the field of reconditioning and repair of car or manual gearbox. In case of a serious problem, we offer you a standard exchange guaranteed for twelve months. All our products are tested before being put on sale and we offer you the best prices on the market.

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  1. Goncalves said:

    I have a problem with my bva of my mini Cooper 116ch year 2005. There is a problem with the rolling of the box. From 40 to 100 km/h you can hear a whistling sound.
    Can you tell me how much a bva you have for this model? Or the price for the repair?
    Thanks for the answer.

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, Mini gearboxes exist in many different versions, however no model is compatible with another ... So we will first need to identify the precise model that your Mini is equipped with so that we can inform you of its availability and price, so I invite you please fill out a request for an express quote and free online by clicking here: https: //eden-boites.com/devis-en-ligne.html

  2. jeans said:

    Hello, I have a problem with the lever of my Gearbox of mini cooper. Indeed, the button which allows to pass on 'P' is not any more in its position of origin but it went out blocks in this position... It is now not possible any more to put itself in parking position.
    Do you have an idea about the cause and possibly the solution?
    Thank you in advance
    Yours sincerely,

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello Mr. Jean, do not hesitate to call our technical service for advice.

      1. Steeve BEAUPLAN HADJERMAAL said:

        Hi, I just bought a 2012 mini cooper coupe. The problem is it's manual. Could I install an automatic gearbox instead? Thank you for your advice.

        1. EDEN said:

          Hello, you are certainly looking to install the ZUZ gearbox (CVT), it's technically possible, however be aware that this job is not within the reach of the first mechanic. It will not be without difficulty to find one who accepts the job ...

          1. Steeve BEAUPLAN HADJERMAAL said:

            I can't tell you how relieved I am. Do you think Mini France could help me with that, please?

          2. EDEN said:

            It will depend on the mechanic's good will... And on his knowledge of course! Once you have found one who accepts the job, we can sell you the Mini automatic transmission model of your choice at the best price.

  3. Akhtar MAQSOOD said:


    I have a mini one, year 2004, R50, speeds 6, 4 cylinders.
    I bought a Gearbox from a private individual but this one has a problem, it doesn't shift gears.
    I would like to know if you can repair this gearbox, and if, yes is there a guarantee.


  4. David said:


    I have a mini one 1,6l 90hp r50 after july 2004 so with a Getrag GS5-52BG box. I saw that there are 2 references of boxes one which finishes by BFA and one by BHA, the BHA would correspond apparently to the cooper 115ch while the BFA would correspond to the One 90ch. I have the impression that there is confusion among some sellers and that they are considered similar. Could you enlighten me on this point as I am afraid I will have to return my box if it does not match and have to get another box elsewhere.

    Thank you.

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, indeed the BFA model is only mounted on the 90-hp version of the MINI ONE, you can reach our technical service department by phone from Monday to Friday for more information.

  5. Doran said:

    Hi. I have a 2005 mini cooper s with automatic transmission. Do you have any boxes for this model here?

    1. EDEN said:

      Hello, of course, you can get the rate here: https: //eden-boites.com/devis-en-ligne.html.

  6. giuseppe said:

    buongiorno vendete l'albero secondari del cambio automatico cvt mini 2006 grazie

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