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Repair Audi Q2 Gearbox

TheAudi Q2 officially marks the carmaker's entry into the small crossover market. This model, which is immediately appealing because of its compactness and sleek design, is primarily designed for urban travel. However, its technical specifications also make it an excellent ally for extra-urban trips.

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Nevertheless, breakdowns can occur despite all the precautions you take in advance. It is then essential to know how to react and where to turn to in order to get your Q2 back to a perfectly functional gearbox.



What are the variations of the Gearbox Audi Q2?

Obviously, you can't think about repairing Audi Q2 gearbox without knowing the characteristics of the defective product. In case of a defect, you must therefore be interested in the product reference.

From its launch in 2016, the Q2 comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission.



At the same time, the Gearbox Audi Q2 Tiptronic automatic transmission is available as an option to support front-wheel drive or to support all-wheel drive models. The Tiptronic transmission gives you the ability to switch between automatic and manual gear selection, so that the gears can be adapted to your driving style and road conditions. In addition, DSP technology is built into this transmission to efficiently adjust the selection of gears engaged by the system.

The S-Tronic automatic gearbox is natively equipped with a dual clutch system. Each clutch is connected to a half gearbox. When a gear is engaged, the second half of the gearbox pre-selects the next or previous gear. The automatic transmission anticipates the need to shift up or down, without your vehicle losing any of its overall smoothness.

Each of these gearboxes may be available in a variety of part numbers. However, not all the existing references are compatible with the model you drive. That's why you need to ask a professional to confirm which type of gearbox to buy in case a basic repair is not enough to solve the problem.


How to recognize a Gearbox Audi Q2 malfunction? 

The best thing to do as soon as your gearbox shows signs of malfunction is to consider repairing it as soon as possible. However, it is important to know how to identify these symptoms in order to be able to react properly. Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert in car mechanics to detect an anomaly. In fact, breakdowns are systematically accompanied by signs that rarely deceive. By paying attention to your Audi Q2's behavior, you'll be able to understand that something is wrong.



Audi Q2 gearbox noise is a very common symptom. It usually occurs when a new gear is engaged. Be aware that the creaking and squeaking is not necessarily heard every time you shift. Try to determine which gear(s) the noise is associated with.

Burning smells are also a sign of a gearbox problem. Easily identifiable, they can be caused by a lubrication problem. The friction between the parts causes an unusual smell that you can smell from the passenger compartment. It is quite rare for burnt odors to occur when the car is cold. It is therefore likely that you have travelled some distance before noticing them, as the engine has warmed up since you left.

If your Q2 is equipped with a mechanical transmission or a robotic transmission that allows you to manually engage gears, the failures could be manifested by some resistance. You may have difficulty engaging the desired gear. It's always tempting to force the shift lever and clutch pedal when gears won't shift. But this is a very bad habit. If the problem is a lack of oil or oil contamination, forcing the transmission system will only make things worse.

Similarly, it is possible for gears to skip. In other words, they disengage while you are driving without any intervention on your part.

If your transmission is an automatic, a common symptom is a mismatch of gears. Gears are shifted too fast or too late. The system downshifts instead of upshifting or downshifting. In other words, the selection is totally inconsistent with the conditions you are driving in.

When the high gears are engaged, a faulty automatic transmission is likely to cause annoying vibrations and noises.



Jolts and jerks may also be felt when starting or stopping the vehicle.

Whether it is a mechanical or an automatic transmission, gearbox oil leaks can also be an indication of a problem. At standstill, drops or a puddle forms under the vehicle. This is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible to prevent the crankcase from emptying completely, at the risk of preventing the lubrication of the various components that make up your transmission system. In addition to affecting the proper operation of the transmission, leaks can cause breakage.

These signs of malfunction are not exhaustive. If you notice that the gearbox of your Q2 does not react normally anymore, it is better to contact a specialist directly.


How to repair the gearbox of an Audi Q2? 

The gearbox is an essential part of your vehicle's operation. If it is defective, the engine power will not be transmitted properly to the wheels. As a result, there is a risk that your vehicle will not be able to move forward/backward. Do not wait for the malfunction to get worse before taking action. You must be constantly vigilant in order to detect the first signs of trouble.



If you notice any signs of trouble, make an appointment with a professional: an auto center, your dealer's partner workshop, a local garage... The most important thing is to choose a professional who has the qualifications required to ensure a reliable repair. In fact, a professional worthy of the name should be able to guarantee his service.

When you arrive at the repair shop, try to provide as much information as you can:

  • What symptom(s) have you noticed?
  • Are the signs associated with specific events? (selected ratio, deceleration acceleration...)
  • How long have you been noticing this anomaly?
  • Could a particular factor have caused the breakdown (driving on a rough path, shock, aggressive driving, irregular maintenance and oil changes...)

However, you don't have to feel guilty if you can't provide the details. As long as you can state the facts, i.e., the manifestation of a probable breakdown, the mechanic will be able to undertake a diagnosis.

This diagnosis takes time. Even if you're in a hurry, it's best to plan an alternative solution so that you can get around until the transmission is restored. First, the repairer will perform tests to evaluate the transmission's response. He will then carry out visual examinations to assess the state of wear of the various components.

If these first steps do not reveal any anomalies, disassembly may be necessary. This is a particularly delicate process that requires a perfect understanding of the architecture of your gearbox. The timing of the removal of fasteners and parts will vary depending on the part number of the product to be disassembled.



After the box is removed, the mechanic continues his examination, looking at each component with great care. This is how he can establish a good diagnosis that will contribute to the effectiveness of the subsequent repair.

Repair can be done in a number of ways, depending on the cause of the problem. For example, a leakage problem can be solved by repairing the crankcase before filling it to the level recommended by the manufacturer. If the malfunction is due to lubricant clogging, the repairer will drain the gearbox before adding a new oil compatible with the product reference.

In some cases, the repair is not possible because the defect is too large. The mechanic will therefore suggest replacement or reconditioning of the Audi Q2 gearbox. It is true that these two solutions are quite expensive. However, they offer a greater guarantee of reliability. Indeed, a new gearbox presents less risks of wear, which allows you to drive longer distances with peace of mind.


Where and how to buy Audi Q2 gearbox ? 

It is advisable to buy the replacement product yourself to benefit from a cheap but 100% reliable Audi Q2 gearbox. By entrusting the order to the repairer, you run the risk of seeing the bill inflated by a possible commission that he takes. Moreover, garages usually work with their own network, which limits the possibilities of comparing several Audi Q2 gearbox prices.

At EDEN BOITESEurope's leading manufacturer of gearboxes for all makes of cars, you can be sure that you will find a solution for your Q2 without having to pay a high price. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products, while ensuring that solutions are available for all budgets.



The Gearbox used Audi Q2 is the most affordable solution. Who says gearbox Audi Q2 used necessarily says product that has been used before. However, our specialists systematically carry out an appraisal before sending the products back to stock. We evaluate the condition of each gearbox to determine whether it is sufficiently efficient to equip a vehicle without affecting the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. It is only after a battery of tests that we validate the integration of the product in our catalog. A minimum guarantee of 3 months is then offered to you.

If you are looking for a new Audi Q2 gearbox to enjoy a longer life, we suggest that you turn to our range of Audi Q2 gearbox standard exchange or opt for reconditioning (complete rebuilding of your own box). All the defective parts have been repaired or even replaced so that the gearbox regains the qualities of a new product, but at a much lower price.

The verified customer reviews will confirm the rigor with which we select our products and the attention we pay to our customers' interests. Moreover, we offer extended warranties, including prioritization of your file, so that you can benefit from a care adapted to your requirements.

You need a gearbox in a hurry but you don't have the money to pay for it? EDEN BOITES offers a 10 payment plan. You receive your replacement transmission as soon as the first payment is made, and you follow the agreed-upon terms to pay the rest.

Get your free quote express quote now to know the amount to plan for the purchase and transport of the gearbox. Our deliveries are made throughout France and in European countries, always in the shortest possible time. A space dedicated to the follow-up of your order will allow you to be informed about the details of the delivery, whether it is planned at your place or at your garage.



All you have to do is select the product that is compatible with your Q2 and you will be able to start the repair of the gearbox as soon as possible.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our team directly.

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