Powerful, sleek and decidedly sporty, the BMW X4 offers performance promises that are hard to match. However, an impressive technical record is not enough to guarantee that your vehicle will always be in top form. As you drive, some parts will naturally wear out. Others, on the other hand, theoretically have the same lifespan as the car. This is the case of the gearbox, whose failures are far from trivial.

If you notice any sign of sign of a malfunctionit is urgent to make arrangements. A trip to the garage is highly recommended so that the problem can be dealt with as quickly as possible. If repairs are sometimes possible, other cases require the partial or complete replacement of the gearbox.

A noise gearbox BMW X4, anoil leakgearbox BMW X4 or untimely or difficult shifts are among the symptoms that should alert you.



What type of Gearbox BMW X4 does my vehicle have?

As mentioned earlier, the possibility that the failure is irreparable should not be ruled out. However, all BMW gearboxes gearboxes are not the same. You should therefore make sure that you are buying a BMW X4 gearbox and not a product originally designed for another model.

First, it's essential that you can identify the transmission that comes with your SUV. The year of production could be a determining factor.

The BMW X4 F26 is in production from 2014 to 2018. The xDrive20i 184hp, xDrive28i 245hp, xDrive35i 306hp and M40i 360hp gasoline engine blocks are paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission as standard.



This first model is also designed with diesel units. The xDrive20d 190 hp block is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that is also mated to the xDrive30d 258 hp and xDrive35d 313 hp engines. Nevertheless, a 6-speed manual transmission is available for drivers who prefer to manage gear changes themselves.

For the second generation (BMW X4 II or G02) the Gearbox automatic BMW X4 is a Steptronic with 8 speeds. Sporty, it also allows manual selections. You are free to use the control paddles integrated into the steering wheel or to use the selector lever. Relaxation and dynamism are guaranteed every time.

This iteration produced from 2018 offers a choice of 5 engines. In gasoline, you have the xDrive30i 245 hp unit and the M40i 360 hp block. If you're driving an SUV backed by a diesel engine, the block can be a 190 hp xDrive20d, a 286 hp xDrive30d or a 340 hp M40d. Each type of engine is supported by an all-wheel drive system.

There are different methods to help you identify the type of gearbox you need. The most common method is to refer to your car's technical data sheet. As you may have noticed, the gearbox can differ depending on the engine.

You can also observe the housing. The gearbox reference is written on it in the form of a number code, possibly including letters.

Alternatively, you can use the search engines on the internet. By entering the registration number of your X4, you can access various technical information such as the reference of its gearbox.

For more simplicity, do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals. You are looking for a Gearbox BMW X4 2.0 cdi 4×4, indicate the registration number and/or provide any information requested by the seller or the mechanic. You will get a precise reference.



We place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of identifying the correct gearbox as compatibility is a factor that should never be taken lightly. If you make a mistake when ordering, there is a huge risk that the product will not be suitable for your SUV and will not work as it should. Remember that without a good transmission, the engine's power cannot be properly transmitted to your wheels. As a result, your vehicle could come to a standstill. Your safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users could be compromised.

Once you know which part number to look for, you'll be able to move forward in the process of repairing your defective box.


How to fix my BMW X4 gearbox problem?

It is important to know that various factors can cause a gearbox to fail. Irregularity, or even the absence of maintenance, is at the top of the list. However, it is necessary to have the organ checked by professionals according to a periodicity recommended by the manufacturer. In addition to a visual inspection, the mechanic will be able to make minor repairs that will optimize the life of your transmission system. Tightening screws, refilling oil or changing oil are among the classic solutions.

Road conditions can also be a factor. For example, driving on chaotic roads can damage the mechanical parts of your SUV.

Add to that the fact that your attitude behind the wheel can have an impact on the transmission. That's why it's essential to drive responsibly and smoothly. Never rush your transmission because you could cause irreparable damage.

Despite all the precautions you take, a breakdown or a breakage could still occur. An accident, the passage over an obstacle that you could not anticipate, the driving style of a relative to whom you had lent your X4 are all potential causes of failure.



In any case, the repair of a gearbox is not done randomly. Moreover, there is no standard method because the treatment must imperatively depend on the characteristics of the dysfunction. As such, the repair of your Gearbox BMW X4 will take place in several stages.

First, you will need to analyze the anomalies, those signs that make you think that the box is experiencing technical problems. This requires that you listen to your vehicle, literally and figuratively.

Pay attention to sounds. If you notice unusual noises such as crackling when shifting gears or whirring when a specific gear is engaged, you'll want to be alert.

Also, pay attention to your compact SUV's reactions, as any change is likely to indicate a malfunction. For example, a gear is correctly engaged but while driving, it jumps, putting the transmission lever back in neutral. Obviously, there is a problem. Similarly, jerking should not be excluded as a symptom of failure.

Visual inspections can also help. While parked, check under the oil pan of your transmission. Traces of lubricant indicate a leak. The less oil there is, the less lubrication the gears receive, which can lead to minor failures or serious breakdowns. Oil stains may also be visible on your route (in your driveway, for example).

If you can associate the symptom with an event, it will be even better. In what gear range do you experience problems? Do you notice problems at start-up or after driving a few miles? How long has your gearbox been unreliable? Don't feel guilty if you can't provide these kinds of details, because failures are not always easy to spot and sometimes they manifest themselves gradually.

Don't be tempted to look for tutorials on the internet, as the information is purely theoretical and usually deals with standard faults. The best way to guarantee a quality repair is to make a diagnosis. Therefore, find the anomalies and make an appointment with a professional.

The diagnosis is the second phase of the repair. To do this, the repairer will scrupulously note down every bit of information you have given him. He may ask you a few questions to get more details. If you are able to provide the information requested, that's good. If not, don't get formal, any professional mechanic has mastered the process of identifying the source of a failure.



The repairer will perform several visual checks. Tests are also possible. When these first steps do not lead to anything, a removal is necessary. The gearbox is meticulously dismantled. Each element is removed in a precise order so as not to cause any additional damage but also to preserve the other parts of your BMW X4. Several precautions are necessary and in many cases, it is essential to use advanced tools.

Once the removal is done, new controls will be made, always with great care.

It is important to note that the time required to make a reliable diagnosis varies depending on the complexity of the case. When the cause of the malfunction is easily identifiable, the repairer can put his finger on it in less than 5 minutes. In other situations, it may take several hours or days to determine the cause and nature of the malfunction.

Following the most rigorous checks, the mechanic draws up an estimate. The document mentions the elements to be replaced and the cost of labor. If the part is too damaged, the price of the replacement BMW X4 gearbox can be included in the offer.

Once you have validated the estimate, the professional will be able to undertake the third and final phase, namely the actual repair. Here again, it is quite difficult to predict precise deadlines. The repairer will have to follow a specific scheme to respect the architecture of the gearbox. If a removal has been done beforehand, the repaired or replacement product will still have to be put back in place before you can get your vehicle back.

A properly performed assembly is not enough. It is essential to check everything again to be sure that the anomaly or anomalies have disappeared. A reconfiguration may also be necessary, especially in the case of an automatic transmission. Visual inspections and technical tests are combined to ensure that the repair has been effective.

When you pick up your vehicle, you will benefit from a guarantee, a guarantee of quality and reliability that only a professional can give you.



For maximum peace of mind, it's a good idea to plan an alternate mode of travel while you wait for your transmission to be repaired. This will prevent you from getting anxious if you have to go somewhere when the diagnosis has not yet been made and/or the repair has not yet been completed.


Where to find a quality BMW X4 gearbox?

The question is tricky when the first objective is to find a BMW X4 gearbox at the best price. However, damage (critical or not) is rarely predictable. As a result, buying a replacement is an investment that adds to your expenses. It's only natural that you should be concerned about the price you pay. Rest assured, you don't always have to spend your life savings on a transmission repair.

You should already know that you do not have to delegate the purchase of the part to your garage. Of course, he has his own network and will certainly be able to find the right reference. However, a commission is often added to the purchase price, which automatically inflates the final bill. It is better to take care of the order yourself. Ask your mechanic for the part number and tell him that you will send him a gearbox to replace yours. This way, you will be able to find a product at a competitive rate and the professional will only charge you for the labor.

Then you have to know where to look. We would like to draw your attention to the risks involved in private sales/purchases. Non-professional (re-)sellers do not offer any guarantee, which means that you buy the product as is, whether it is compatible with your X4 or not, but also whether it is in perfect working order or not. Trust only a professional team. You will benefit from a support service before the order and after the delivery.

Leader in gearboxes, all brands, EDEN BOITES has a large stock of products that we classify under different categories.

If you rarely use your SUV, if you only make relatively short trips and/or if you have a limited budget, we advise you to choose a used BMW X4 gearbox. Each product in our catalog has passed through the hands of experts who have conducted thorough checks. Guaranteed for a minimum of 3 months, the used products we sell are in perfect working order.



Perhaps you use your SUV primarily as a means of travel, whether it's for short or long distances. This means that the usage is quite intensive. So safety must come first. In this case, we suggest you check out our BMW X4 gearbox standard exchange range. The catalog offers you access to excellent quality products, offered at the best price and subject to a minimum warranty of 12 months.

You have checked our online store but no compatible reference for your X4 is available? Despite the regularity with which we expand our stock of 12,000 products, it is indeed possible that we face a shortage. Don't worry, there is a totally reliable and economical solution: BMW X4 gearbox reconditioning. Your gearbox, previously dismantled and drained by your garage, will be collected by one of our partner transporters. It is sent to a workshop EDEN BOITES where highly qualified technicians proceed to the cleaning then to the integral reconstruction of the product. It will be returned to you with the characteristics of a 0 km gearbox.

At EDEN BOITESevery precaution is taken to verify the part number of the transmission ordered with your SUV. This allows us to avoid any risk of incompatibility that would make you lose time and money in the repair process. If you have any doubts, please consult our FAQ or contact our team who will help you choose the right product for your needs.

Request your free express quote online. You will be fixed on the total cost, knowing that the delivery is possible everywhere in France. We also deliver to cities in Europe. You can have your gearbox delivered to your home or have it shipped directly to the repair shop.

You have all the cards in your hand to ensure that your X4 's gearbox is in perfect health!

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