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Complete Toyota Dyna transmission repair guide

The Toyota Dyna is a medium-duty truck launched by the Japanese brand Toyota in 1959. Did you know that "Dyna" was short for "dynamic"? A very compact utility vehicle with a robust chassis, it is mainly used for commercial purposes. 

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The gearbox is a complex and essential part of your vehicle: it enables the drive wheels to move forward by transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. It acts as a gear reducer, lightening the load on the engine. 

This solid component of your vehicle can, however, show signs of wear and become damaged. But how do you recognize these gearbox malfunctions in your Toyota Dyna, and how can you repair it? EDEN BOITES answers all these questions. 

Toyota Dyna gearbox features 

The Toyota Dyna' s gearboxes are all manual, 5-speed transmissions. There are no automatic transmission models for the Toyota Dyna, which is a chassis truck, or a flatbed truck

Monitoring the condition of your Toyota Dyna truck's gearbox and spotting signs of wear is therefore essential. Repairing any damaged components as soon as possible will help you avoid more serious malfunctions and even higher repair costs. 

When should I repair the gearbox on a Toyota Dyna? 

There are several signs that should alert you to the condition of your gearbox. First of all, observe your use of the gearshift lever: do you have difficulty shifting certain gears? Do gears skip? These signals should alert you to the fact that your gearbox needs checking

Unusual sounds can also occur, and you shouldn't take them lightly. A cracking noise while driving? This noise may be coming from the gearbox: in this case, the pinions or bearings may be damaged. 

Finally, be sure to check for any signs of leakage from the engine or car. While stationary, walk around your vehicle and inspect the floor: are there any oil stains? It could be a gearbox oil leak. 

So how best to repair your Dyna truck in the event of gearbox damage? 

How to repair the gearbox on a Toyota Dyna?

Transmission oil check

First of all, if you've spotted stains and it's a gearbox oil leak, you need to top up the oil. This is transmission oil, which lubricates the gearbox mechanisms. 

There are different transmission oil manufacturers, such as ALLISON C4, DEXRON III H, which is anti-foam, anti-oxidant and anti-wear, or JASO 1-A. Make sure you choose the right oil for your engine size, and don't confuse it with engine oil! Check the oil recommended by your manufacturer in your vehicle maintenance booklet. 

Next, open the hood, then open the gear oil reservoir cap and fill the reservoir with a syringe of oil, using the quantity recommended by the manufacturer. 

Checking other gearbox components 

After checking the oil, check the following components: drive shafts, synchronizer ring, SPI seals, bearings

Once this check has been carried out, you'll be able to decide whether you need to repair any parts, or replace your gearbox altogether if it's too badly damaged. Don't hesitate to call in a professional who can diagnose your gearbox and guide you safely through the process. 

Gearbox replacement or repair: which to choose? 

Once you've consulted this third-party help, you'll know which is the best solution for your gearbox. 

If you need to replace your gearbox completely, you can buy a reconditioned gearbox at EDEN BOITES. In addition to being ecological and economical, this solution provides you with quality equipment for your flatbed vehicle

For the Toyota Dyna, EDEN BOITES offers the Toyota Dyna 3.0 CDI gearbox and Toyota Dyna 3.0 TD: we'll exchange your damaged gearbox. 

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Gearbox broken? We help you find and order your model

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